What if this is the year you finally decide to transcend your past by letting go of the self-limiting beliefs, programs & barriers that have been keeping you STUCK and step into this next chapter of your life with the FREEDOM to be all you are truly meant to be?

What if I told you that TODAY is the perfect day to start living your dreams?

I know you. You are an amazing woman who has dedicated your entire life to raising your family, you have made sacrifice after sacrifice, putting everybody else’s needs ahead of your own and you truly deserve to be acknowledged.

Let’s pause and take this moment right now to celebrate you.

Wow! That felt good, didn’t it?

Now, are you finally ready to give yourself permission to start living your life for YOU?

It’s not selfish. It’s not greedy. Living your life in honor of you, regardless of past conditioning, is actually one of the most selfless things you can do.

What if you allowed yourself to be truly happy and fulfilled? What impact do you think that would have on everyone around you?

I know how scary it can be to even think about stepping off the beaten path. To allow yourself to get vulnerable when you’ve always been the stoic woman of your family, the glue that has held everything together.

I truly get it. I’ve been there too.

What I want you to know is, that the rewards of going on the inner journey to radical self-love and living the life of your dreams is far greater than the regret of staying where you are, stuck, feeling like something is missing and longing for a greater sense of fulfilment and significance.

What I also want you to know is, you have a choice. We all have a choice.

We can choose to stay where we are OR take action towards change.

We get scared because we don’t know what to expect, or we think we won’t know what to do, or that we are not good enough, or we worry about “what will other people think of me?” But those are just distractions that are keeping you from choosing to live a life that you truly desire.

All it takes is a decision, a commitment to take action. Then each day, focus on taking one action step in the direction of the life you want to create. Small, bite-sized chunks, each and every day.

One day, before too long, you will wake up and be totally amazed at how far you’ve come.

What will it take for you to finally choose YOU?? What will it take for you to allow yourself to begin dreaming again?

My mission here at Marci Stockton Wellness is to help you live balanced & blessed, using your pain to activate your higher purpose in life. To choose love over fear, because deep down you know you are meant for more. You have God-given talents buried within you that are begging to be brought to light and you have a resilient story that is waiting to be told.

Once you have ignited this power from within, your entire life will begin to transform and your life will never be the same.

How do you begin?

Start by making different choices, and learn from others who are living a life that is congruent to the one you want to create.

And most importantly, take RADICAL responsibility for your life and for your choices, this is how you will become your own hero.

Every single day is filled with new opportunities, possibilities, and miracles, but are you open-minded enough to see them?

Time to get you out of your rut, my dear friend. Life is not to be lived as though each day is groundhog day?

​​I know this might have you squirming in your chair, but getting uncomfortable is the ONLY true path to discovering your most authentic self and the freedom that awaits you.

It is time to take your power back and finally put yourself at the top of your priority list.

If you are someone who is ready to make a commitment to change, then you are already WAY ahead of the average Joe and that takes courage!

I’ve been on what I call “My healing journey” for over 8 years now, but it was in News Years of 2017 where I finally got so fed up with playing small that I finally said, “Enough is enough!” and I made a serious commitment to take my life to a whole new level.

I knew that I had to stop clinging to what was safe and comfortable…and JUST FREAKING GO FOR IT ALREADY!! Time waits for no one, and when I made the declaration of, “NO MATTER WHAT!!!”, the Universe heard my cry and that’s when big shifts really started to unfold.

This is how that year went in a nutshell…

January 1, 2017, I made it my mission to become the happiest, healthiest version of myself.

I set personal, family, financial & business goals. I wrote them down on index cards & placed them on post-it notes as constant reminders of what I was setting out to achieve. I recommend spending some time on this. Even if you do not know exactly what you want, it is important to start getting an idea of where you want to go.

I woke up every day with the unwaverable commitment to become a better person than I was yesterday.

I dedicated my mornings to a self-care routine, exercising at least 3 to 5 days a week, meditation, reading, journaling and I began to visualize the life I was committed to creating. I made a promise to myself that I would only eat foods that were nourishing and healing to my body, and as a result, I am now happily eating a whole-food, plant-based diet about 80% of the time (My body feels lighter, more energetic and a whole lot happier). I read 32 books. Recited affirmations daily. Took a weekend-long course on intuition, which was hugely life-transforming. Hubby and I celebrated our 22nd wedding Anniversary. We traveled a lot. I enrolled in an 8-week-intensive Business Coaching Boot Camp. I spoke on stage at the Unstoppable Woman event. I hired a Business Coach. I got up an hour or two earlier and stayed up for an hour or two later. I got vulnerable and stepped out of my comfort zone over and over and over again. I joined Toastmasters International. I was uncomfortable, a lot. I signed up for trauma release healing therapy. I put more focus on having fun, and not be so serious or hard on myself. Said bye-bye to anything that was toxic in my life. I got excited, a lot. Celebrated my 42nd Birthday.. and the most unexpected, beautiful thing happened, I fell in love with ME!!!

Phew! Did I achieve all of the goals that I set out to achieve? No. Were there times that I felt like I fell flat on my face? Absolutely. But the thing is, I am proud of myself for all that I overcame and accomplished which reinforces that small action steps are leading me to living a life I truly desire.

I did not sit around and wait for things to happen … I got in the flow with the universe and took inspired action.

What I can tell you is that a LOT of change took place because I decided to change, and I was open and said YES to many of the possibilities that came across my path, even if I didn’t know how it would all turn out.

And now I live a magical life.

What are you waiting for? Ready to live the life of your dreams?

Here Are 5 Steps That You Can Take Right Now:

1. Create a Plan That Is Realistic for You
2. Block Out Time to Work on This Plan
3. Set Goals & Write Them Down
4. Track Your Progress & Be Accountable
5. Act

What is one action step that you can commit to today to begin living the life of your dreams?!

One thing I know for sure, is you have to have a greater vision for your life, you need grit & you must be 100% committed to your growth no matter how big or small it seems to be. Celebrate yourself and ignore the naysayers. Allow yourself to be supported and hang around people who are going to help you rise up.

What possibilities do you plan on opening yourself up to this year? You get to decide each and every day what you are going to do, the choice is yours, so how will you make the most of it right now!?

Do you need help removing the blocks that are keeping you stuck?
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Radiantly Yours,
Marci Stockton

Marci is helping thousands of women who are entering the next chapter of life discover their brilliance through resilience and bring their dreams to life using online education, courses, and 1-1 coaching.

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