“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle” – Christian D. Larson

I’ve been coaching for a few years now, and the biggest thing I’ve learnt – both for me and for my clients – is that inner confidence is the key to it all.

There are all kinds of strategies, ways of thinking, patterns of behavior and practical tips for improving your life and feeling better about yourself, but they will be ineffective if the foundation isn’t there. That foundation is the real you, the authentic you that you know deep down you are. The trick is that it takes determination and a level of belief in yourself to find that and to bring out who you are – here are two keys to developing inner confidence.

1. Know Your Values

What are your personal values? They are one of the most important things you can know about yourself and are vital in embodying genuine inner confidence. Your values are ten thousand feet down inside you, right at the very core of who you are; and they’re the building blocks, the foundations and cornerstones of you. A value is something in yourself, in others or in the world that’s most important to you, and could include things like beliefs, integrity, family, fun, nature, achievement or freedom.

Why is it that some people and situations leave you feeling angry, frustrated, demotivated or deflated? It’s because one or more of your values is being denied, suppressed or repressed – and we experience that as a negative experience because it’s denying a fundamental piece of who you are. You know those times when you’ve felt really alive, amazing or totally lit up? Those are the times when you are honoring yourself and living in alignment with one or more of your core values.

Your values are all yours, and no matter what happens, no one can take them away from you. You can have absolute confidence in them because they’re there all the time just waiting for you to acknowledge and embody them. When you get to know your values, you can start to make choices and align your life around them. It’s so simple and it feels amazing because all that really means is that you’re allowing who you really are, the authentic you, to live in the real world.
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  1. Exercise the Muscle

    Confidence is a muscle, and like any muscle you need to exercise it so that it doesn’t shrink and waste away. The problem is that unlike your biceps or glutes, which tend to stay in the same place, your confidence muscle can be harder to find. How do you develop your biceps or firm up your glutes? By doing exercises that are designed to work that muscle over a period of time until you see the results you were looking for.

    It’s just the same with confidence. Let’s say that you’re the kind of person that doesn’t take many risks, the kind of person who goes through each day doing what needs to be done and doing it well, but not really stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone. You might talk yourself out of doing something because it’s too scary or because you think to yourself ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘that’s not who I am’ or ‘I don’t really want it anyway.’ That kind of person lives within what they know and what keeps them safe and comfortable. The fewer risks they take, the less confident they need to be and so the less confident they become.

    To work your confidence muscle, you need to be prepared to move beyond your comfort zone – even if it is baby steps. Be willing to stretch yourself in an unfamiliar direction, to try something new or try something in a slightly different way. Open yourself up to the possibilities around you and push yourself to increase what you know, what you do and who you are. The more open you are to take a chance on yourself, to open up to new opportunities for growth & expansion, and explore all the possibilities available to you, you will build the muscle of believing in yourself, and by default, the more confident you’ll be. That’s your confidence muscle – the question is, what are you going to do to exercise it?”

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    Here is what I know to be true … You are more magical & magnificent than you believe you are 😉

    Let me help you discover the real you, the authentic you, the most confident, bad-ass you.

    She is in there, I promise!!

    Believe in yourself, you will be unstoppable!!

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